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Our British Whites have proved very good for conservation grazing so far  -- but our experience is still limited. Other animals commonly used (sometimes chosen for availability rather than suitability) include Highlands, Galloways, Dexters, Longhorns, dry dairy cows, water buffalo, native ponies, feral goats or mountain sheep. How do British Whites compare with other breeds? Do you have experience of using animals on rough grazing or to control problem plants? If so, or if you want to know more, we'd be very interested to hear from you -- please do contact us:

For information on SSSIs needing management, contact your local conservation officer for English Nature, Countryside Council for Wales or Scottish Natural Heritage. Number in the phone book, and on their web pages:, and

Contact DEFRA about Countryside Stewardship and the Single Payment Scheme:

Conservation organisations may need cattle on their own reserves, or know of other sites which need management. Contact your local wildlife trust (, the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (, the National Trust ( or the National Trust for Scotland (

Grazing Animals Project: Details of Local Grazing Schemes from the national coordinator, Bill Grayson (01524) 701280 or Rare Breeds Survival Trust and their Traditional Breeds Meat Marketing Scheme: Conservation grazing discussion groups:,

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