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Cattle data sheet

Name: Olly Ox

Olly Ox

Over-age steer, developing into a mature ox. Over 15 hands tall (5 feet or 1.5 m), strong and athletic, and uncharacteristically for a British White, also nervous and cunning and so very difficult to catch. Feet mostly white and few other markings. Son of Suzanne. Olly became very difficult to manage. Although never aggressive, his frequent panics and nervousness meant he was very dangerous to handle, and sadly in the end the only safe option was to slaughter him. Unfortunately, because the Over Thirty Month rule had not yet been lifted (see DEFRA's web page) his carcase had to be very wastefully incinerated.

Ear tag number: 600002

2000 - 2004

Breed: British White

Type: Ox

Offspring: --

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