Eleanor riding Holly, led by Richard Family

Holly at two years old being ‘lightly backed' by Eleanor. Both seem to be naturals, though neither is quite ready to fly solo. There'll be lots more work next year training Holly and Hazel to be reliable well-behaved riding horses (some hope!).

Butterfly and Eleanor

(Left) Not our garden this time but a butterfly centre .

Kate's music is coming on very well — she's now playing the French horn — as well as the recorder, the flute, the piano...

Eleanor's turning out to be quite a dancer.

(Right) Kate helps Eleanor make tiled roofs in the Roman Palace at Fishbourne.

Kate's scout page

Grand entranceHenry and Rachel CollingridgeRichard's brother Henry married Rachel in June — a super occasion — not every bride plays the clarinet at her own wedding! More pictures of the wedding on Henry's page

Richard's spent a bit of time getting to grips with some family history stuff passed to him recently. No space to explain it here, but making good progress — contact him if you're interested.

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