Hillcroft herd

Marsh gentian Gentiana pneumonanthe on Moors River SSSI

Conservation grazing (more cattle...)

The cattle have been doing their bit for conservation this year, starting on an old landfill site which is being restored to heathland. Their impressive efforts at scrub clearance were aided by Richard the axeman, whom they pursued like a shoal of piranhas. A side benefit of a lot of hard work was a full wood-shed to feed our wood-burner. In September we moved the cattle to a riverside SSSI in Dorset, then recently back to our yard. We hope they'll soon be able to go onto the Forest or another large heathland nearby. Crunchie's attentions were rewarded with four live calves (thankfully including two heifers) bringing the total to 13, and another calf expected soon.

A herd of piranhas

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