The herd at Burgate Manor water meadows

Richard and Rue's News

Christmas 2002

Firstly, apologies for anyone who didn't get their snail-mail version of last year's instalment. Our creative energies had been diverted before Christmas into a conservation grazing article for the British White Cattle Society Journal, then at a critical moment our printer broke, and Rue suffered an incapacitating neck and back injury which resulted in her spending much of January and February horizontal. The article eventually appeared mysteriously headed "Conservative" Grazing...

Three fat ladies

In February we bought three refugees from Surrey CC's (now sadly ex-) conservation grazing herd. Mature, well-fed heifers, they soon became known as the "Three Fat Ladies". They have now lost some weight, but unfortunately despite Crunchie's best endeavours they've so far remained the "Maiden Aunts". Richard is wondering about their draught potential...

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