Apple and Bulrush growing well

News from the Hillcroft Herd (and Richard and Rue too)

Christmas 2003

It's been another incredibly busy year with lots of work and further expansion and diversification of our agricultural activities. We keep telling ourselves that next year it will be easier... and hopefully there'll be more time for riding and sailing.

Beef mountain

Our first beef turned out to be excellent and was soon distributed to discerning customers as well as keeping us well supplied. It's a bit personal though, when you are cutting up an oxtail and find the little kink Deli's had when he was born... Later, Richard's brother Henry prepared a superb meal which did them full honour. Beef Wellington, with fillet of Deli, covered in dried wild mushrooms and ox liver pâté, all encased in puff pastry. We ate it slowly, savouring every mouthful—it was worth the wait! Another steer went last week, and two more are off shortly, so supplies will be fully replenished in mid January.

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