Stable doors

Home improvements

Last year’s ox-damage has been repaired, and Richard has been working hard installing our smart new stable doors. They are rather more solid than the old ones, so perhaps they’ll be ox-resistant. We’ve also been replacing the post-and-rail paddock fence with a higher stronger one, just in case... We’ve got a lot more new fencing to erect over the winter, which will reduce the miles of electric fencing we have to use at present.

Kate & Ellie

As usual Kate’s life has been impossibly busy—orchestras, bands, flute teaching, and of course A-levels (exams next summer). She’s been doing very well, and has even found time for driving lessons. Kate is hoping to do Music and Maths at university, after a gap year. Ellie’s guitar playing has made great progress—we look forward to her making the big time and keeping everyone in the style to which we’d like to become accustomed. Her riding is also improving—Hazel is learning to jump. Her GCSEs are in 2007 (Ellie's, not Hazel's).

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