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Our expertise

Ecology and nature conservation are wide fields. As ecologists we have a close understanding of the way the natural environment works in the rural landscape. We also have our own ecological specialisms, and can call on other specialist expertise when needed. As well as ecological expertise, we have a great deal of knowledge and experience of UK and European nature conservation legislation and related fields, such as development planning procedure. Our own expertise covers:

    UK terrestrial and coastal habitats

    The National Vegetation Classification (NVC)


    Flowering plants

    SSSI notification and law

    European Site designation (SPAs and SACs)

    Protected species law and licensing

    Nature conservation aspects of development planning including production and review of Environmental Assessments

    Planning Inquiries

    Grassland and heath restoration and management

    Woodland management

    Practical countryside skills - fencing, walling, hedging etc.

    Grazing ecology

    Stock management for nature conservation

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