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The range of our work

Based in the New Forest in Hampshire, UK, we work throughout Britain and anywhere else our expertise takes us. Our work includes:

    Surveying coastal habitatsSurveys of vegetation, habitats and species. National Vegetation Classification surveys, Phase 1 Habitat surveys, bird surveys, badger surveys etc.

    Assessing the ecological impact of developments, including Appropriate Assessments for European Sites and the ecological aspects of Environmental Assessments.

    Advising on statutory national and international nature conservation designations, including dealing with designation procedures and statutory site bureaucracy.

    Advising on protected species - surveys, avoiding harm, negotiating licences.

    Acting for land-owners, local authorities or developers in their dealings with statutory nature conservation agencies (and acting for the nature conservation agencies too).

    Advising on the management of land for nature conservation - anything from a look over the fence to a full management plan.

    Managing and carrying out practical nature conservation work - grazing of pasture or heath, hay-cutting, fencing, woodland management, habitat restoration etc. We usually use contractors, but we may get more directly involved in practical land management work. (See also Hillcroft Conservation Grazing).

    Interpretation and education. We produce leaflets, design nature trails, take guided walks and provide training.

    Anything else for which our expertise is valuable.

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