Huckle with hot water bottle

Three wheels on our wagon (or, yet more cattle)

A trailer puncture on the way to Worcester rare breeds sale in September saw us driving madly around Gloucester's industrial estates on three wheels, trying to find a suitable new tyre. We got to the sale just in time and came back with a fine in-calf cow, Heidi. She turned out to be a friendly thing--until a month later when she morphed into the mad beast from hell in defence of her new calf, Huckle. This wouldn't have mattered too much, except that she'd had him on the very edge of the river (not again!) and he was too weak to stand or suckle--he had to be moved. Richard eventually used the 4x4 to calf-nap him from the fiend, then funnelled a couple of litres of colostrum down him (courtesy of Locket last year). After some days of struggle and only minor injuries (mainly to Richard), Huckle learnt to suckle on his own--he's now growing well, and Heidi has recovered her usual kind nature. Photo, from left: Huckle, hot water bottle...

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