Water buffalo practice

A load more bull

For a few weeks in the autumn we borrowed a second bull, Windsor, to run with Crunchie's daughters. Immy and Kick's two girls also came to help entertain him in the water meadows. One evening we got a call—“a cow's in the carrier”— and rushed to the rescue. The visiting heifer (it had to be one of theirs!) was up to her withers in the stream, which is nearly 2 m deep from bed to bank-top. After two hours of struggle leading her up and down in the dark trying vainly to cajole and heave her out, with Richard up to his chest in mud, watercress and very cold water, even the 4WD had failed to pull her out and so we summoned reinforcements. Mark's tractor was a beautiful sight coming over the horizon like the cavalry, all lights blazing. In ten minutes they'd hauled her out, very cold and muddy but unharmed. Mark and Terry didn't even get wet, but Richard was finding duckweed in every orifice for days afterwards!

Right: Water buffalo practice—she spent the next week or two wading in the (more accessible) river eating watercress.

Below: A more relaxed moment.

Richard relaxing with cattle

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