The herd tackling marsh

Then still more...

In the autumn we took on a large area of old water meadows beside the Avon. It has great potential but has been quite a challenge, and with access and fencing still to be restored it required hours of putting up, moving and taking down miles of electric fence through acres of sedge swamp and nettles. We kept the cattle on as long as possible and they've done a great job. Getting them off when the rains finally came almost ended in disaster, but Plan B worked smoothly the next (thankfully dry) weekend and all were retrieved. Thanks to Colin and Jenny for the tow and loan of fields and yard! With a clutch of autumn calves we now have over 30 head, grazing around 145 ha (360 acres) of heath, water meadow and marsh (not counting the Forest). We think this is about enough, and, with prospective purchasers recently seeking out our now well-known conservation grazing herd, we hope to sell some of the surplus next year.

Photo: the herd enthusiastically tackling marshland in the Avon valley.

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