Remus and Romulus

Double Trouble

A heifer called Rose produced our first twins (boys), immediately named Romulus and Remus. Our first second-generation calves were born in July, including Dawn's heifer calf Dusk on Richard’s birthday. Earlier the same day Dawn's mother Delilah had a heifer calf too—Daybreak. We’ve had 14 calves this year, bringing the herd to over 40.

Huckle's latest adventures

A year couldn’t pass without Huckle getting into another scrape. One day we had a call to say a ‘cow’ had swum the river and was standing on a neighbour's lawn (the surprising thing was that he'd managed enough coordination to achieve swimming...). Life is never simple, and by the time we got there he'd jumped back in and was stuck in a willow swamp in mid-channel. After much wet muddy struggle, and with the help of a boat and five people (but no effort from Huckle) he was eventually hauled out bodily and removed to another field where amazingly he managed to survive the rest of the year without mishap.

Rescuing Huckle

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