Rue and Scirpus


The future remains uncertain at English Nature pending its amalgamation with the Countryside Agency in April 2005 and DEFRA’s Rural Development Service in 2007 to form the new “Integrated Agency” (name yet to be decided). Along with all her other Avon Valley work Rue has spent a lot of time this year working on the new agri-environment schemes which will help to fund rural land management in future. She has been training with RDS on scheme implementation, while Richard has trained to assist farmers with their grant applications.


One summer evening we found poor Romulus with a broken leg. Two hours with the vet saw him with a spectacular cast nearly as big as himself. Rose soon demonstrated an inability to count to two... After four weeks hopping around after her the cast disintegrated in the wet sedge, but the leg was almost as good as new.

Romulus with remains of cast

Photos: Rue with steer calf Scirpus, and Romulus with what was left of his cast.

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