Ellie and Kate

Not another one...

Looking across the river one evening from one of our meadows, we saw one of our cattle grazing our landlord's lawn—you guessed it, on the wrong side of the river! Dashing round there, we found...not Huckle, nor his mother, but his younger brother Hawthorn following the family tradition. The third escape in as many months is rather more teething problems than we’d expect from a new site, but to be fair the overgrown nettles and weeds concealed much of the river bank.

Kate and Ellie

Kate is continuing to shine (she did rather well in her GCSEs). She's playing flute, recorder and French horn in several orchestras and bands, and is still active in the scouts. Recently she started a Saturday job in a bookshop. She is now doing music, biology, maths and chemistry A Levels, as well as further maths to AS Level. Ellie is progressing with the guitar, and is doing well at school too. Her riding is coming on very well, and she'll be able to ride Hazel some more before she grows out of her and graduates to Holly(she's grown over two inches in the year).

Photo: Ellie and Kate

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