Dawn, Delilah and their calves

Things that make it all worthwhile

A couple of young otters crossing the grass just in front of us by the watercress beds; surveying Forest nightjars on summer evenings; a firecrest on exactly the same twig as the last oneófour years earlier; two pairs of hobbies in the dusk hunting bats over the river; one hobby chasing martins at full speed in 50 m vertical circles; a barn owl hunting over the marshes; curlew trying to nest nearby, a young fox catching a vole three metres from where we were hiding amongst the cattle; a buzzard flushed from a headless grass snakeówhich continued to writhe creepily for over half an hour (OK, perhaps thatís not so nice); lots of kingfishers, egrets, nesting grebes, Cettiís warblers, woodlarks etc.

Things we didnít do

Have a holiday, build a pond, visit the pond we built last year while on holiday, enough sailing, the Round the Island Race, enough riding, seeing enough of friends and relations. Maybe next year...

New greenhouse

Photos: Above: Dawn, her mother Delilah and their calves Dusk and Daybreak, born on the same day. Right: A smart new greenhouse (courtesy of Rue's mother Jane) installed in good time for a promising crop of chillies and tomatoes.

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